The Vets



The Vietnam Veterans is a French psychedelic band, hailing originally from Chalon-sur-Saône, a commune in eastern France. They released six full-length albums during the 1980s, starting in 1983.
The group was founded in 1982 with its first lineup including Mark Enbatta (vocals, guitar), Lucas Trouble (keyboard), Greg Jones (guitar), Angelo Jupp (bass), Steve Palermo (drums) and D.D Richardson (harmonica). The name that they chose for the band referred to men who given a lot and got nothing in return.

Catfish Eyes And Tales was released in 1987 and provide to be the last Vets album. The piece, «Medley,» was built out of three connected songs: «Distant Drums,» «Sea Horse» and a cover of the late David McWilliams’s song «The Days Of Pearly Spencer.»

After releasing their compilation album The Days of Pearly Spencer in 1988, they broke up, and some members moved on to other projects. In 2005 The Vietnam Veterans released a single called «I Give You My Life / Children Eyes», and in 2009 a full-length album called Strange Girl (As The Gitanes. The band The Gitanes was one of the projects a few of the former Vet’s had, and the name is now added to the The Vietnam Veterans name, calling it «The Vietnam Veterans (a.k.a. The Gitanes)».

The Vets


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