Prima Materia, Carl Jung and the Holy Grail

The true alchemists believed in something else. They believed that all things evolve. And not only things classified as living. Συνέχεια


Zosimos of Panopolis

Zosimos of Panopolis was an Egyptian or Greek alchemist and Gnostic mystic from the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century AD. Συνέχεια

Jung’s alleged anti-Semitism

I began by declaring Jung to be a man of paradox in that he followed a quiquely individual path towards discovery of the universal human being within himself. So true was he to his own “little light” that many dismissed him as a crank and made little effort to penetrate his prose or make sense of his ideas. Συνέχεια

Was Jung a Nazi-sympathizer?

Jung and the Nazis

by Mark Medweth

It is difficult to deny that Carl Jung’s theories are largely overlooked in comparison to Freudian and other schools of thought. There are numerous possible reasons for such an occurrence but the most intriguing of all are accusations of anti-Semitism and National-Socialist support in the 1930’s. Συνέχεια