Sweet Lord Jesus !

As you travel down the highway n u open up yr mind
And move each byway, understand the truths you find
And remember don’t deny, another who’s in need
And there’s reason still to cry, until every man is free

Buffalo was an early heavy metal band formed in Sydney, Australia in 1971. The band left a legacy with Australia’s heavy metal, pub rock and alternative rock movements. The band had evolved from the Brisbane blues-rock outfit Head, which was originally formed in 1968 by Dave Tice and Peter Wells. A change of lineup and a shift in musical direction saw the new band emerge – the name Buffalo was chosen (according to legend, randomly off a map of Australia) as it was seen a more marketable name than the previous Head, which had been considered to be offensive due to its sexual and drug connotations. [extract from wikipedia]

This heavy rock band were more popular in France than their native Australia. Based in Sydney, they played between 1972 – 77. They released one 45 as Head («Hobo»/»Sad Song») before changing name to Buffalo. The «Suzie Sunshine» 45 typified their no-nonsense heavy riffing style, which was coupled with a non-album cover of Chuck Berry’s «No Particular Place To Go». They enjoyed considerable chart success with their first five albums all making the Top 100 album charts.
Their debut album ‘Dead Forever’ sported a sinister cover with a blood soaked face peering through the socket of a skull. The inner gatefold features the band playing amidst the tombstones of Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery. The heavy riffing title track is very much in the style of Black Sabbath. Other stronger numbers on an inconsistent album are covers of Blues Image’s «Pay My Dues», Free’s «I’m A Mover» and, of course, «Suzie Sunshine».
If ‘Dead Forever’ earned them a reputation as no-nonsense heavy riffers ‘Volcanic Rock’ certainly cemented it with tracks like «Sunshine (Come My Way)» (also released as a 45), «Til My Death» and «Skylock», which were just about as loud and aggressive as a band can get.

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